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The Manzanillos construction site of our customer

The Manzanillos construction site of our customer, Constructora Contex is one of our 12 outstanding construction sites that will receive an honorable mention during the 2017 Expoconstrucción and Expodiseño Fair in Bogotá due to their excellent field practices, proper management of the FORSA systems, and striking results as regards savings and productivity; so this Thursday, May 18 at 5:00 p.m., the honorable mention will be awarded by our CEO, Felipe Otoya.

Manzanillos is located in the Fontibón sector, very close to the Rionegro center; this urban project is being built using the FORSAalum systems on a lot with an area of 24,777 m2, surrounded by forests and a privileged landscape covering an area of more than 42,000 m2 that will be a protected area.

The project is divided into three stages, with a total of six apartment buildings of 14 and 18 floors and eight and six apartments per floor, as well as areas for social, cultural and sports activities. It is all immersed in a forest reserve with a generous space to carry out outdoor activities.


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