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FORSA offers construction companies the option of welding staircases monolithically with the same casting as walls and slabs. This formwork system is cost-effective and simple since it is a mold that is easy to assemble and dismantle, concrete pouring is easy and controllable, and offers an excellent concrete finish.

The staircase mold consists of: Frame, Step, Stair String and Base. Once the mold is completely assembled, the bases of the staircase are leveled and brace jacks must be used to do so.

FORSA,Taking into account the provision of different solutions to meet the needs of our customers, FORSA offers two types of molds for staircases:

Open staircase mold:

This system offers the construction company better cost-efficiency. It is a mold that is easy to assemble and dismantle, and it makes concrete pouring easy and controllable. This system requires a final finishing or screeding on the surface of the step. This type of formwork must be filled with concretes that are not as fluid, as these are manageable and allow screeding without difficulty.

Closed staircase mold:

This mold is more demanding in the control of assembly and dismantling and requires greater care in the pouring, vibrating and fluidity of the concrete, to offer the construction company an EXCELLENT CONCRETE FINISH.

This formwork requires casting with high-fluidity concrete to ensure complete filling; it allows the transit of staff when they are required to go from one level of the building to another.


Author Since: 29 / Mar / 2017
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