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Technical assistance service for training construction site staff in order to ensure optimal performance, good practices and the consequent reduction in labor and finishing costs.

Periodic technical monitoring service through which an engineer specialized in construction using industrialized systems visits the project, preparing feedback reports for the construction site staff, in search of good practices that will ensure performance, proper operation and consequently, the expected useful life of the Forsa equipment.

  • We provide assistance during the progress of the customer’s construction site vs. schedule.
  • We provide support for the resolution of specific situations.
  • We make the relevant recommendations for a better use of Forsa equipment.
  • We verify the performance of Forsa equipment.
  • We provide consultancy in construction solutions.
  • We provide feedback regarding new developments applicable to the construction site.
  • We provide support for the adaptation of equipment to new projects (on-site and/or at the headquarters).

We are interested in the training of better leaders, with updated knowledge and foundations on good practices through the SEED PLAN program.

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